US stocks trade to a new session lows

Technical Analysis

S&P index now below 50 day moving average at 2947.98

The US stocks have reached another new session low with the S&P index now down 35 points at 2941.50.  That test taken the price below its 50 day moving average at 2947.97. The S&P has traded above its 50 day moving average since September 4.

The NASDAQ index is now down -87 points or -1.10% at 7911.50.

The Dow industrial average has fallen 336 points or -1.25% at 26580.  

It is getting more ugly in the US equity markets. 

In other markets, US yields remain lower with the yield curve steepening as two-year yields tumble -8 basis points while 10 year yields are only down -3.5 basis points:

Below is the current snapshot of the major indices:

US stocks are trading at their session lows


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