US stocks suffer and close lower on the day

Technical Analysis

Nasdaq does not reach into positive territory today

The USD major indices are closing lower on the day, led by the Nasdaq index.   For the day, the Nasdaq did not reach the ‘black” (i.e., positive). Although also closing lower, the S&P and Dow each saw a positive value at some point of the day.   

The final numbers are showing:

  • the S&P fell -7.25 points or -0.24% at 2977.62
  • The NASDAQ fell -46.724 points or -0.58% at 8030.66
  • The Dow fell -79.59 points or -0.30% at 26891.13.

The percentage change range and close % are outlined in the chart below. European shares will close higher on the day.

Ranking the winners and losers globaly, the UK FTSE was the biggest winner, while the Russell 2000 in the US was the weakest. 
The ranking of the global stock market percentage changes for the day


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