US shares end higher but late China headlines take some shine off the day’s gains

Technical Analysis

Some of the declines were retraced

The major indices are ending the session with gains but some late day headlines from China that the blacklist announced earlier in the week, has lowered their trade expectations for the trade meetings this week (or so they say). Those meetings will begin tomorrow and are expected to go through Friday.  

Although of the highs, the indices have retraced some of the declines from yesterday that saw the NASDAQ index fall -1.67%. The S&P index fall -1.56%, and the Dow fall -1.19%.

Today the closing levels are showing:

  • The NASDAQ index up 79.9 points or 1.02% at 7903.74. The high reached 7930.91. The low extended to 7873.516
  • The S&P index up 26.43 points or 0.91% at 2919.49. The high extended to 2929.32. The low reached 2907.41
  • The Dow industrial average up 181.97 points or 0.70% at 26346.02. The high reached 26424.31. The low extended to 26249.75.

Below is a graphical representation of the high, low and close percentage changes. 



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