Forex Trading Strategy: 2 Simple Filters to Get Massive Profit

Forex Trading Strategies
In this video you’re going to find out exactly how to apply 2 simple filters that will increase the winning trades for any Forex trading strategy. The problem is that most “trading strategies” are nothing more than some basic criteria that is very closed to flipping a coin except often with lower probability and having nothing to do with the market actually turning our moving into a certain direction.
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How To Identify Market Turns

Whether you are using some proprietary indicator that pops up green and red arrows to show you when to enter or exit trades or whether you are drawing trend lines, support and resistance, Murrey math lines, pivot points, or using price action only with pin pars, bearish engulfing candles, Japanese candlesticks or fibonacci retracement levels. These two filter will take any trading strategy and increase the number of winning trades because this is something that has to do with WHEN and WHY markets form actual movements that follow through with momentum.

In order to see these proven Forex trading strategies that work in 2020 join our live daily trading session where I show this in real time on current price action. In my opinion this is by far the best Forex trading strategy including any so called price action trading strategies. Receive our Forex trading signals and get profit without even knowing why. Watch my previous video on Forex scalping strategy and why Forex trading signals are for traders who have no intention of becoming actual professional traders who own trading businesses.

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Forex Trading Strategy: 2 Simple Filters to Get Massive Profit

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